"Crank It Up" Conference Services

"His Energy is electric and he just pours enthusiasm and passion from the moment he walked onto the stage" "He really got me thinking and careing about what it is that I do"                                                                                                                                      Sharon from Diversy Care

Professional Speaking Services

Wether your venue is a corporate conference event or a specific organisational general meeting. Dr Drew will provide you and your people with an uplifting and motivational session that will leave them buzzing off his drugs of choice: "Passion" , " Motivation" and "Humour", wanting more out of the day.

Leadership and personal growth are often mistaken for management skills. The reality is that many leaders in your organisations are on the frontline of the business or placed in the trenches at work. Providing the platform for a connection or collision with leadership and motivation can often inspire those hiden leaders to emerge. 

Sometimes all we need is that moment in time to be engaged by someone or something that lights the fire that sits within us rather than lighting a fire underneeth us in order to fuel a passion for motivating action. Dr Drew will learn what it is that you want to achieve in the speaking engagement and building the message you want delivered.

A professional and well placed humorous key note adress or speach has the ability to mind shift people and begin the conversations that may be nessesary once the key message has been recieved.

Download The Speakers Kit
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This document contains a breifing on Dr Drew, his professional speaking and education services.
This is also a great way for you to share this information with other colleagues looking for a speacial event presentation or a specific knowlege expert. 
Breakout Sessions
Keynote Speaches
Breakout sessions are great opportunities to hold a practical workshop at any conference or corporate event. Dr Drew can design a breakout session that will reflect the keynote message of the day, translate that message into a process of practice implementation. Real skills for real life and workplaces. For many people who attend a conferecce, it's always beneficial to provide the oportunity to see and feel the new information in a meaningfull way that allows them to connect and take something tangable away.  Dr Drew ensures that the session utilises effective tools and processes or scenario based learning is applied for the best outcomes for all in the room. It may be  an out of the box session that makes the whole day.
Speaking from a motivational platform, with a large content base to choose from, Drew's passion to translate knowlege and his stage presence alone will engage your audience. He has the unique ability to impart his learnings and lived experiences to many different groups and cohorts.
Whether it's a corporate event that requires a "Real Big Impact", or you're  motivating and envigorateing your staff, he has the goods to encapture the audience .  Maybe a  prelude space to get the crowd in the mood for whats coming next in the program agenda, Dr Drew will focus in and deliver what it is that specific message your hoping to transpire to the crowd. He loves a new challenge and enjoys these motivational moments to "Crank It Up".
Mentoring individuals or teams of professionals is not as easy as it may seem. Dr Drew believes that the process of a mentoring arrangement is one of mutual respect and trust. For the Executive Mangaer, it can be a valuable journey that has the ability to build confidence in new skills, value and trust the skills already known and have a confident that will not judge, rather support and supply. 
Mentoring teams of leaders is an enhanced way of leadership enrichment. Providing an access point to a mentor in a program allows fluid personal growth , professioanl development and cohesive evidence based practice. Either method is provided by Dr Drew in a real and meaningful way that focuses on relationship and trust.