Ageing In the "New Age": A survival guide for Baby Boomers

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By Dr Drew Dwyer, PhD, FACN, CFJBI, MACA
Book Review
Rhonda Nay - Emeritus Professor Rhonda Nay LTU

"Overall the book takes a very positive approach to ageing and I enjoyed reading it. It is a very informative resource not only for baby-boomers but for anyone wanting to learn more about the challenges of growing older and strategies for addressing them." Read More
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Dr Drew Dwyer

Drew Dwyer
Drew is a Clinical Gerontologist whose interests lie in the ageing process and its impact on the individual and society. He brings a factual and humorous look at the "reality bites" of life as we age, and the transition in our life journeys. He has a particular focus in supporting the Baby Boomers.

There is always a seat at the Table of Knowledge for those who want to eat.

People love to learn, listen to a good story and love to be entertained. Dr Drew "A Big Man Talking" provides all those things and more. He has a wide range of subjects, skills, stories and speaking platforms that he is able to deliver with different messages through his unique and passionate persona. His ability to motivate, connect with and inspire people using simple language and well placed humour on sometimes quite difficult subjects is faultless; his presentations, education sessions, education workshops and breakout sessions are true methods of practical implementation.
You're all welcome at the Table of Knowledge with this unique and passionate man who will educate stimulate and motivate you.
A Big Man Talking

Motivating and Inspiring people in a keynote speech is a special skill and part of Drew's unique and electric persona. Standing over 7 feet tall is something that he has learnt to live with and utilise as his tool in professional speaking. With many nicknames such as "Lofty", "High Tower", "Stretch" and "Tiny", he has come to terms with who he is and how he can  influence people. If there is one thing you'll notice, it's that he is truly "A Big Man Talking". Funny and sincere is the blend he uses to ignite your thinking.

Clinical Education

Booms Day Prepping

Crank It Up

The clinical leadership and clinical education components of Dr Drew's work are focused on the people who care for the older person. Whether you’re a health professional or a care worker you will find one of Dr Drew's programs will suit your learning needs. All material is evidence based and written to meet best practice guidelines for aged and community care. Drew holds engaging and empowering face to face seminars around the country or you may prefer the flexibility of in-house sessions or our online solutions. Our education platforms provide the flexibility needed by healthcare organisations or individuals who are eager to learn and improve the skills sets in contemporary care settings.
This series of talks and presentations are aimed at the generation of Baby Boomers and are an extension of Dr Drew's work and his book titled "Booms Day Prepping: A Survival Guide For Baby Boomers”.
The conversations within his presentations are designed to impart the knowledge that this generation will need in order to live a full, long and healthy life, as they transition into and are discovering about later life and retirement.
Many Boomers are quickly realising it may not be what they thought it was going look like to retire.
A ‘very’ real and humorous interaction with our most important challenges in modern life explained.

Speaking from a motivational platform, with a large content base to choose from, Drew has the unique ability to impart his learnings and lived experiences to many different groups and cohorts. Whether it's a corporate event that requires a (‘Big Impact”) or motivating and invigorating your staff, Drew's ability to connect and collide with people and  to translate knowledge along, with his stage presence and his use of funny stories that reflect on his life experiences, will capture any audience attention.
Dr Drew will focus in and deliver whatever it is that specific message you’re hoping to transfer to the crowd in your room. He loves a new challenge and enjoys these motivational moments to "Crank It Up".
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