Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the freequently asked questions I am asked so you may feed from this information incase you may have the same one.
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    Which is better...Home Care or Residential Care?
    This is entirely dependant 3 things that matter most in the end. 1. What is your preference and why? 2. How much money and assets you have to use on care? 3. is this where you wish to die?
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    Is doing a diploma worth it at my age?
    Choose a Diploma that is going to fill the gaps on the mountain of other skills and experiences you have in your work history. The key to remaining engaged in the workforce is the quality you offer an employee as a highly skilled leader at any level.
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    Are all my medications really necessary?
    As we age medication doesn't always work that well, due to the fact that our body is ageing and so to is the ability for Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion to work to full capacity. Always ask your doctor and pharmacist to collaborate on a medication review.
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    How much money do I need to retire healthy?
    To remain healthy and active in your senior years, always stay focused on having at least double the aged pension as a regular income past 65 and enough to last you for 30-40 years. As for assets, be mindful of the tax situation at the time and plan for off loading along the way. "SKI knowledge".
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    What does Palliative care mean?
    Palliation or palliative care is the process of living life the way you choose once you know that death is the prognosis. People often live for many years in good supportive palliative care services that meet their life choices and gives them control at the end of life.
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    Whats happens in a prostate check up?
    Relax boys, this is a simple examination that your GP can do by taking some blood for investigation and a quick and painless (although uncomfortable) rectal exam with the finger . It is really important that all men have a yearly check up between 50 and 70 and then perhaps 6 monthly after that or when continence issues may be of concern.
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    When should I, (if ever) consider a nursing home for my care?
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    When is a POA needed for people with dementia?
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