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  1. This book encourages the use of emotional intelligence, which he describes in terms of recognising our own feelings and emotions and those of others, as a central strategy. Financial planning is discussed in the context of BBs pushing retirement out, generally having better health, education and greater expectations of their retirement. The changes of ageing are outlined: physical, cognitive, sensory, and medication issues. I was particularly pleased to see this as too often sex is avoided as a topic related to ageing! Overall the book takes a very positive approach to ageing and I enjoyed reading it. It is a very informative resource not only for baby-boomers but for anyone wanting to learn more about the challenges of growing older and strategies for addressing them.
    Rhonda Nay Emeritus Professor Rhonda Nay LTU
  2. I have enjoyed having Drew as a mentor during the transition of our nursing home to a more modern and bigger service. His patients and understanding is real and trusting. Thanks Drew
    Patrick Keogh Residential Care Manager
  3. Drew is truly inspirational, when he teaches its like he works next to me everyday. I enjoy how he gives a practical approach and tool to implement at work.
    Meagan Jeffery RN
  4. I cant get enough of the knowledge in one day, and it makes it worth coming to his next session. The girls and I learn so much from his sessions, we always feel motivated and better prepared when we go back to work.
    Jenny Davis CNC
  5. A great night of real information that my wife and connected with from the moment he started talking. Funny guy that has that edge on making factual and digestible at the same time ......we'll come to the next one, I think its on sex....LOL
    Barry Jameson "retiree"
  6. Dr Drew always makes me feel so motivated to go right back to work and make things brilliant!
    D. Kelly RN
  7. Dr Drew was fantastic. Leading edge - so well educated & knowledgeable. Verbalised the negative aspects of the nursing culture and blew it out of the water!! Content was also fantastic and so relevant to my job.
    K Hunter. Facility Manager

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